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The head of the chair

Zhaydakbayeva Lazzat Kuandykovna
C. p.s., senior teacherHead the sub department

Adress:  M.Auezov SKSU, Tauke Khan Avenue 5, building 7, aud. 317, Shymkent, 160018
Tel.: 41-33-15
E-mail: UKGU_Informatika@mail.ru

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  General information

       After opening specialty "Computer science" necessity has appeared to open the appropriate chair. In 1998 new department "Computer science" was created on base of former chair "Applied and computational mathematics".

       The first head of the department from 01.09.1998 till 01.12.2001 was leading scientist in the branch of algebra and logic, doctor of ph.-math. sci, professor Umirbayev U.U. From 01.12.2001 till 01.03.2002 - doctor of ph.-math.sci, professor M. Sadybekov. In period from 2009 till 2012 head of the chair was cand. of ph.-math. sci, associate professor Medetbekova R.A. Since 2012 to 2016 the head of the chair was cand. of ph.-math. sci, professor Orazov Isabek. At the present time the chair is headed by cand. of ph.-math. sci, associate professor Ibragimov Ospanali Musakulovich.          

       The total number of computer classes reached 3. 1 doctor of sciences, 8 candidates of sciences, 7 senior teachers and 8 teachers work at the chair.
The chair conducts work on the preparation of bachelors in the specialties 5B060200-Computer science, 5B011100-Computer science and masters in the specialties 6M011100-Computer science, 6M060200-Computer science, as well asdoctorates in the specialty 6D011100-Computer science.

       The department conducts scientific work on 3 state budgetary themes of pedagogical and scientific directions.
Great attention is paid to the continuous improvement of teachers knowledge. As evidence, the following achievements can be cited: 2 teachers became holders of the republican grant "The Best Teacher of the Year" (Sembiev O.Z., Orazov I.)
Graduates of the chair "Computer science" can perform the following types of professional activities:
educational (pedagogical) - teacher of informatics.
specialist in the field of computer science and information technologies;
In productional-technological direction - a programmer;
In organizational-managerial direction - a manager of computerization;
researcher in scientific field;
Web-programmer, IT-specialist;
management organizations, banks, business structures, database developers.



      Organization of the following types of professional practice is based on the curriculum of specialties 5B011100 – Computer Science; 5B020600 – Computer Science:
1. Teaching practice
2 . Pedagogical practice
3 . Productional practice
4 . Pre-diploma practice
       Bases  of practice for the specialty 5B011100 - "Computer Science " - grammar school № 50; lyceum № 7 , grammar school № 65 , grammar school № 26 , grammar school № 47, grammar school № 38, school # 4 of Sairam district, school # 106 of Saryagash district,  grammar school "Sozak” of Sozak district.
       Bases of practice for the specialty 5В020600 – "Computer science" are state and private enterprises, banks, computer centers.

Themes of scientific work performed on the thematic plan of the state budget:

1. B-15-01 “Algorithmic questions of mathematics, mechanics, computer science and application of IT-technologies to them”, supervisor  doct. Of ph.-math. sci, prof. Nyssanov E.A.

2. B-15-10-20 "Improvement of methodical preparation of informatics teachers in conditions of profile training", supervisor cand. of ped. sci Zhaidakbaeva LK.

In recent years, 2 scientific grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been won at the chair:
1. "Mathematical modeling and inverse problems of extraction processes from polydisperse porous materials (scientific supervisor Orazov I.).
2. "Mathematical modeling of water transfer processes and irrigation with a fractal structure and development of their batch programs" (scientific supervisor Nyssanov E.A.).
In the last 5 years, the professor-teacher staff has published 30 scientific articles (Thomson Reuters - 12, Scopus - 8, РИНЦ - 10) and 6 monographs (2 of them in Germany).
During these years, bachelors and undergraduates were lectured by prof. Anthony Pardala (I. Lukasiewicz Rzeszow Polytechnic University, Poland).
Over the past 3 years, in the direction of the Center for National improvement of education "Yarleau", the teachers of the chair have been upgraded:
University Newcastle, Great Britain (Sarsenova G.M.), University of Dortmund, Germany (Zhaidakbaeva L.K.), Nail Institute, Great Britain (Zhusipbekova Zh.U.).
The chair has close relations with leading universities of near and far abroad: KazNITIU, KarSU, MAI, MCTI, UzNSU, UzNTU, I. Lukasevich Polytechnic University (Poland), Brandenburg University (Germany), Maltepe University (Turkey).

Our achievements on national scale

The rating of educational programs of Kazakhstan universities-2016
1. on educational program 5В060200-Informatics - 3rd place
2. on educational program 5B011100-Informatics - 1st place

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