Professional education

The chief of chair

Zholdasbekova Saule Abdrazakhovna
Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor


Address: Shymkent, Baitursynova street no number, educational building № 7 M. Auezov SKSU, room 207
Telephone: 30-09-28
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General information and the history of chair

         The sub-faculty “Professional education” study preparing pedagogical personnel by the profession “the teacher of labour technology and professional teaching” from 1956 year. For this years the sub-faculty prepared more than three thousand highly qualified specialists for the region`s general education and professional schools.

         The name of the sub-faculty`s profession was changed many time depending on social-economical  society`s requests to the pedagogical professions by the labour and youth`s professional training. For example, consisting of “physics-mathematical” Physical and Engineering-pedagogical Faculties of Shymkent pedagogical institute`s sub-faculty was renamed some time: In 60-70 years – “Labour”, “General technical disciplines”. For, the long years existence of the profession at the sub-faculty worked highly qualified specialists, candidates and doctor of sciences of yout`s labour and professional preparing. They are: M.S.Sarsembaev, K.A.Duisenbae, I.S.Sujarov, I.A.Anarbekov, K.T.Nazarbekov, S.A.Moshkin, I.N.Kamalov, S.A.Zholdasbekova.
          In 196 year in connection with republic`s reorganization institution of higher education the sub-faculty in the composition engineer- pedagogical faculty came in to yhe structure of newly  formed South Kazakhstan Humanity University and it was called the sub-faculty “Theory and methodic of professional teaching”.

           From March 1998 year according to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, have been united by two major university of SKR: Technical University and South Kazakhstan Humanity University named by M.Auezov and created  South Kazakhstan State University by M.Auezov. In this way the sub-faculty  “Theory and methodic of professional teaching”  natural pedagogical part of SKSU by M.Auezov.

          Currently the sub-faculty is a Republican center of teaching methodical unification of the specialties 5B012000-«Professional teaching»  (bachelor), 6M012000- «Professional teaching  (magistracy)», 6D012000- (doctor PhD) by the specialty  «Professional teaching»



Material and technical basis

      Currently the sub-faculty  disposed 12 special training workshop and laboratories processing wood, metal, fabrics, by the equipment and devices for vehicles, electrical, agricultural machines and so on.

       On   base bilateral with Professional Lyceums College of «Light Industry and Service»   and  «Industrial technical college»  Shymkent City organized Training Research Production Complex (TRPC)

In addition, the issue of training future teachers on the basis of dual education was considered

Teaches staff

       From working in the sub faculty 12 teachers are -2 doctors of pedagogical   sciences (S. A.  Zholdasbekova  A. B Saipov)  4-candidates of  pedagogical sciences  (I. N Kamalov , T.  Zh Machanov, A S. Uzachova, G. A. Bakirova ), 4 master- teachers ( Sch. Bitemirova, M. A.Tauasarov, Ch. Kairakbaeva, E.Sautov,  S.Sh Baizachova, K.R.Kalabaeva  and  2 Senior Lecturer     ( M.A. Kubenov,  A. Sh  Iztylieuova.) 

        Professors and teachers of the sub faculty are authors of state compulsory educe horal standards for specialties “Labour”, “Professional training” for 1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2010 years,  as well as model curricula.




Our achievements

Over the past 5 years i.e. In 2015-2021, the department issued 7 teaching aids (RUMS MES RK), 415 teaching aids, 32 virtual-practical works, 6 video lectures, more than 300 scientific and methodical articles and 48 acts of introduction into the educational process in this specialty.
         The specialty vocational training in the ranking of educational programs of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan by an independent agency (IQAA) for quality assurance by the end of 2018 took 1st place.

        In 2018, in 2018, in the direction of training PhD specialists, doctoral studies took the 1st place among the universities participating in the IAAR rating. In April 2019, as a result of the Republican Student Subject Olympiad, she took an honorable 2nd place
      Currently, on the basis of the department, higher professional education operates according to three step systems:

5В012000 -6В01450 - "Professional Training" (undergraduate);

7М01450 - "Professional training" (master's program);

8 D01450 - "Professional Training" (doctoral studies);

      In 2017, in May, a specialized Council for the defense of doctoral dissertations was opened on the basis of the department.

      Currently, the 2020-2021 academic year, 10 undergraduates and 9 PhD doctoral students are studying at the department.

The 26.06.2020 year Victoria Savelyeva  successfully defended her thesis on tht topic «Professional training of bachelors to the project activities in the conditions of university education».

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