Head of department

Myrzabek Nysanbekovich Yermahanov

PhD in Technical Science ,docent

Adress: Shymkent, 160012, street Bajtursynova, SKSU of M.Auezova
Telephone: 21-34-22

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General information


The "Mathematics" department was foundedin 1957 as part of the Kazakh Chemical-Technological Institute.

In different years, well-known scientists and teachers headed the department:

In the years 1957-1960. - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Kuznetsov M.S.,

In 1960-1963 - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Tsai I.P.,

In the years 1963-1970. - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Kamardinov OK,

In 1970-1975 - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Zhumabekov L.Zh.,

In 1975-1986 - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Baiteliev TB,

In 1986-1996 - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Zhumabekov L.Zh.,

In 1996-2000 - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Oinarov R.O.,

In 2000-2003 - Doctor of Education, Professor Rakhymbek D.

From 2003 to the present, the department is headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Ashirbayev N.K.

Currently, 3 doctors of sciences, professors are working at the Department of Mathematics; 6 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 1 PhD, senior lecturer, 4 senior lecturers, masters, 4 teachers, masters.

The department provides training in the following specialties:

- 5В010900 (6В01510) - "Mathematics" (Bachelor of Education),

- 5В060100 (6В05410) - "Mathematics" (Bachelor of Science),

- 6M010900 (7M01510) - "Mathematics" (Master of Education),

 -6M060100 (7M05410) - "Mathematics" (Master of Science),

- 6D010900 (8D01510) - "Mathematics" (PhD)

 -6D060100 (8D05410) - Mathematics (PhD)

Students study in full-time, evening and correspondence courses, many of them are holders of state grants. Undergraduates and PhD doctoral students undergo scientific internships in universities of Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.



The first graduation of the department took place in 2001, specialty 030140- "Mathematics and Computer Science". Over a 60-year history, several thousand specialists who met the requirements of the higher education system were trained at the department.

An important task of the republic higher education system is to provide university students with textbooks and teaching aids. This task is being consistently and in accordance with the plans of the UML SKSU solved by the faculty of the department and every year replenishes the library fund of the university with new teaching and educational tools. Students, undergraduates and PhD doctoral students of the department "Mathematics" are provided with teaching aids that meet the standards for improving the quality of education. The department is equipped with computers connected to the Internet, there are interactive whiteboardsin the classrooms.

The department has the holders of state grants "The best teacher of the university" - Ph.D., Professor Rakhymbek D. (2007, 2014), Ph.D., professor Ashirbaev N.K. (2010), Ph.D., associate professor Bekmoldaeva R.B. (2013) Ph.D., associate professor Madiyarov N.K. (2016), senior lecturer P. Duysebayeva (2017).

Graduates of the department can work in the field of education: in primary, secondary, secondary - special, higher schools, universities, research institutions, and government bodies. Our graduates are not limited to the pedagogical field, and can try themselves in science, production and creative activity.

The results of the NAOKO over the past 5 years are presented in the following table:








































             Decent G.M. Adyrbekova have published electronic manuals with elements of technological innovations of teaching of students on the discipline “TBIC”.
At the  present time there are 2 doctors of science at the departaent 10 candidatees of chemical sciences senior lecturers and teachers.



      «Our main aim is preparing professionally competent teachers of modern formation (Bachelors of Chemistry, Master of Chemistry), who are creatively able to solve problems of achievement of personhood and personality development of a schoolchild, implementation of innovating education principles in teaching. This education is integrated with scientific research. We mould moral and cultural qualities of future specialist in under the conditions of educational system integration of Kazakhstan in world educational space.






Scientific work


At the department, scientific work is carried out in accordance with the approved state budget topics of research for 2016-2020:

1. "Improving the methodological knowledge of the teacher of mathematics." Scientific adviser: Ph.D., professor Rakhymbek D.

2. "Two-dimensional stress waves in homogeneous and inhomogeneous elastic media with various local attenuation." Scientific adviser: Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Ashirbaev N.K.

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Ashirbaev N.K. He was the scientific director for the implementation of the research work “Unsteady processes in homogeneous and inhomogeneous elastic media with local attenuation of complex geometric shapes” and “Compactness conditions in nonlinear analysis and their applications to differential and integral equations” under the state order for the budget program for 2015 2017 years.

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Sarsenby A. was the scientific adviser on the implementation of research work on the topic “Expansion in eigenfunctions of boundary value problems for second-order differential equations with involution” under the state order under the budget program under contract No. 77 for 2015-2017

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor A. Sarsenby is the supervisor of research on the topic “Basic properties of eigenvectors of one-dimensional differential operators with involution” under the state order for the budget program for 2018-2020.

The results of scientific research in these areas are published in scientific journals with the impact factor of near and far abroad, as well as in the proceedings of national and international scientific and practical conferences.

The department pays great attention to the students, undergraduates and PhD doctoralparticipation in conferences, olympiads in mathematics and competitions at various levels.

PhD doctoral student Nurmaganbetova Zh.A. took part in the research competition "My PhD thesis", organized at the Togliatti State University (RF) in April 2019 and was awarded a diploma of the 3rd degree.

The Department of Mathematics in 2018 among the universities participating in the IAAR rating took the 1st place in the specialty 6D010900-mathematics (doctoral studies).

Master student of the MEP-18-9NK group Mazhitov B.Zh. In 2019, he was awarded a 2nd degree diploma at the International Scientific and Practical Conference among young scientists of Kazakhstan's universities in the specialty of mathematics, which was held at the Taraz State Pedagogical University.

At the Republican Mathematics Olympiad among students of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specializing in 5B010900-mathematics, the team of the department took the 2nd place and was awarded a 2nd degree diploma, which was held in 2019 at Pavlodar State Pedagogical University.

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