Head of the department

Issayev Yerzhan Bolysbekovich

Candidate of biological sciences, Associated professor

Contact details: educational building №7, cabinet 210

Work phone:8-7252-30-09-28 .

Teachers' staff


General  information

History of the department

The department was established in the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture as part of the Faculty of Biology in 1991.

In 1996, in connection with the reorganization of the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture to the South Kazakhstan Humanities University, Department became the part of the biological faculty and was renamed the Department of Biology and Geography.

Since March 1998, in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of South, two main universities: the Technical University and the South Kazakhstan Humanities University were merged, therefor Department  was renamed as "Theory and Methods of Teaching Biology" department. In August 2017, the Department of Biology became a member of the Natural Science Pedagogical Higher School.

The first head of the department was the candidate of biological sciences, Docent M. Sultanov. For several years the department headed: 1994-1996 - Professor A. Akhmetnyazo:, 1997-1998-Candidate of Biological Sciences, Docent Ismailov A.; 1998-2011- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Docent Issayev Ye.B.; 2011-2012- Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Turabaeva GK; 2012-2016-Candidate of Biological Sciences, Docent Kylishbaeva GB. Since 2017 - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Docent Issayev Ye.B.


At present, the department "Biology" is training bachelor's specialties for day, evening and distance education in the following specialties:

5B011300 - "Biology"

Qualification: Bachelor of Biology

Duration of study: 4 years

Professional activity:

- teacher of biology in educational (pedagogical) institutions (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges);  to be able to conduct research work in various in scientific subjects -institutions (botany, zoology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology etc); - Designing: designing general and special projects (planting, irrigation, restoration, planning, for example, agrobiostation, young naturalists stations); - production and administrative activities in state institutions of various levels (departments of education, administration, biological and chemical laboratories); technological organization of biological direction (at sanitary-epidemiological stations, in the processing industry of plant growing and animal husbandry).

Sphere of graduates activity

- in schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges (teacher of biology);  in higher educational institutions (laboratory assistants, departmental departments); in educational institutions (specialists); Scientific research institute and laboratory (specialist, laboratory assistant);  industrial laboratories for processing livestock raw materials, organizations in the field of ecology (specialist, laboratory assistant); at sanitary-epidemiological stations (laboratory technicians),  biological centers, agrobiology (methodologist, round worker); in design organizations (specialists) in gardening.

5B060700 - Biology

Qualification - Bachelor of Science

Duration of training - 4 years

Professional activity:

Field of professional activity - biological sciences (botany, zoology, human anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, etc.) and biodiversity conservation technologies.

The objects of professional activity are: research institutes, secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, young naturalists' stations, colleges, national parks, reserves and other areas requiring higher professional education, environmental organizations, biotechnologies, public administration institutions and administrations.

Training of  masters 6M060700 - "Biology".

The department employs 28 highly qualified lecturers and professors. There are 2 doctors of sciences, professors,11 candidates of science, associate professors and 14 masters.

In the educational process, new teaching technologies are introduced, multimedia support is improved. Improving the quality of educational and methodological support, modular and rating systems. SIS, industrial practice, state examinations, work on the employment of graduates, research work in conjunction with external students, teaching staff qualifications, educational work, professional orientation, the organization of international relations.

Since 2011, the Department has opened groups, were studied on English language. At present days, Department supports Government Programme about Three Languages.

To conduct research, an experimental botanical garden was opened and functioned.

Scientific- research work

The professors of the department "Biology" conduct fundamental research in the state budget in the two directions outlined.

The research work of the department is carried out on two topics of the state budget:

1. Botanical diversity of mountain systems of the Western Tien Shan, protection and effective use. Supervisor: ScD, associate professor Issaeev EB

2. Theoretical and applied problems of teaching subjects of biology.

Scientific adviser: candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Bozshataeva G.T.

Department has scientific communications with the Sairam-Ugam State National Park, Syrdarya-Turkestan State Natural Park, Shymkent State Dendro and Zoo, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Institute of Botany  etc..


International contacts

The department actively cooperates with well-known educational institutions, research institutes, leading scientists and specialists of the industry: the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, K.A. Timiryazev Russian Agricultural Academy, Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Botanical research centers etc. Students from China, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are trained on the basis of the Department of Biology and undergraduates. Students exchange experiences from Scotland, Germany

Our achievements

In the last academic year of the Department of Biology 2 textbooks, 5 articles in scientific journals, results of research as  38 articles in the materials of international scientific and practical conferences were published.

The master's students took part in the VII Republican scientific competition of student scientific works, organized by the Scientific and Methodological Center "ZIAT" (Astana). As a result of the contest in the nomination "Best Article" I was awarded the prize masters Asanov M., Sydykova Zh., Telemisova A. For the work "Social foundations of the healthy life of student life" Kasymbekova A., Kydyralieva M. Awarded with diplomas for III place in the topic " Integration of innovative technologies in biology. " Head of the bachelor's degree, Professor Kalkabaeva S.A. Bachelors received a diploma "for achieving high achievements and prizes."




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