B. Zhumagulov's interview in the newspaper the Kazakhstan truth

Within results of last two years of a state program of Improvement of education on 2011-2020 in " SCIENCES-PEDAGOGICAL" faculty B. Zhumagulov's interview in the newspaper the Kazakhstan truth on the subject "Quality of Education for Us is Main" on April 3, 2013 was discussed.

The dean of faculty N. Madiyarov presided over meeting of faculty. After opening by the chairman of meeting, the vice rector for study and information questions K.Baybolov reported about a performance course to a state program for 2011-2020. He reported that the program as a whole is carried out fruitfully:

«In the next two years in the country the quantity of higher educational institutions will be reduced. About it it is spoken in interview of Minister of Education and Science Bakhytzhan Mumagulova in the Kazakhstan truth: At present in Kazakhstan as a result of process of merge of 146 educational institutions, their quantity to be reduced to 136, and this process will proceed». Certainly this process on a straight line influences material resources, the faculty, employment of graduates. According to it the fact of an assessment of the employer, including the state order training process is necessary. According to the minister it gives the chance to reach concrete indicators in the developed countries. For example, the new qualifier of higher educational institutions is accepted. It provides some conveniences to higher educational institutions. The control system of technical and professional education is completely changed. In system of secondary education works on transition to 12 summer training come to the end. The new system of professional development is developed. The national system on education quality control is created, electronic training takes root.»

In turn the dean of faculty N. Madiyarov noted that from interview of Minister of Education and Science Bakhytzhan Zhumagulova high achievements of results of the program of the last two years are obvious, and the public assessment of efficiency of new system is important.

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor D. Rakhymbek noted that on the academic pithiness it is necessary to introduce widely scientific novelty of foreign scientists, also he answered about a special role of geometry in school training, and that cleaned this subject from the curriculum was wrong.

At the end of meeting consideration of this article between the faculty on each chair was entrusted.

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