25 of the world and Independence

8.12.2016г on a Naturally-pedagogical faculty conducted an event is devoted to the 25 year of independence of Republic of Kazakhstan under the name "Бейбітшілік пен жасампаздыққа 25 жыл".
Aim of event : 2016 год- is considered a year, reflecting the special stage of life of every Kazakhstan. We from a day proclamation of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan and marking in the solemn situation of 25 year of independence, we want to show   that Kazakhstan for 25 of independence  did a historical step in development  and  chaired by the leader of nation, president  of Republic of Kazakhstan Н.А.Built    Назарбаева the modern, dynamic, strong state.
In the future our student young people (Kazakhstan) are waited  by new successes and achievements with  a deserving country "Мәңгілік ел".

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